Fit: comfort
Fabric: Br4™ jersey for the shoulders, hood and back pocket, pointelle mesh for the main section
Neckline/hood: crossover hood
Sleeves: sleeveless, ribbed edging
Hem: slightly tighter, ribbed hem
Pockets: single camp pocket at the back
Prints: Italian tricolour print on the back pocket; pearl white logo at the side

Features: a mix of performance fabrics, with the hood and shoulders in pearl white, the back pocket in black and the main section in crochet-effect mesh

The three-dimensional openwork fabric creates an elegant surface similar to crochet embroidery. Ribbed piping, crossover hood and sleeveless, the garment is tighter at the bottom.

The original style of this model can be seen in each and every detail, from the back pocket to the various types of fabric and the elegant contrast of black, pearl white and crochet-effect mesh, not to mention the Italian tricolour print and the pearl white Freddy logo.

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